There are many types and grades of scrap metal, we have listed some of the most common in order to give you a view of market prices.

Price list



Up to $1.70


Up to $6.50


Up to $4.30


Up to $1.30


Up to$0.75


$1.30 - $4.50


(Plastic coated copper wire (wire,cable,tps)

What influences scrap pricing? Scrap prices here in are affected by three factors.

1.       International Commodity Prices Simple supply and demand for raw materials flow through to set international prices. Large buyers like China, Europe and Turkey have considerable impact when they have strong demand for scrap metals, conversely they can cause a sudden drop when halt purchasing

2.       Grading and contamination When we export our scrap metals they must meet strict international standards, therefore when we buy stock we can always pay the best price for the cleanest and most pure forms of a particular metal, the more contamination or mixture of metals means more labor to ready the product for export hence a lower price for the seller.

3.       International Currency  Fluctuations As our dollar gains or loses value against our international trading partners this directly affects the amount we can pay for scrap metals

**NB Due to continuing volatility in international currency and commodity markets these prices must be used as an indication only. Please call and ask one of our friendly staff for the latest prices.